Residual Current Devices (RCD)
Power Metering and monitoring Devices (PMD)

We empower the safe and efficient use of electricity with our RCD and PMD technologies.

AC/DC Residual Current Sensors for Built-in RCD at EV Charger

A complete RCD-DD and Type-B RCD solutions for EV charging

Smart Energy Monitors
for Home and Small Business

The most compact PMD with versatile wireless / wired communications

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BITUOTECHNIK is recognized as China’s leading technology provider for residual current protection.
Furthermore, we are an industry pioneer specializing in the R&D of electrical measurement technologies that enhance electrical safety and improve energy efficiency.

ACDC Residual Current Sensors

Residual Current Monitoring & Protection

(Type-A/F ICs, type-EV/B sensors and RCDs)

SPM01 & SPM02

Smart Monitoring & Metering

(Smart energy monitors and AC/DC metering modules)

Integrate our RCD technologies to enhance electrical safety

Our complete solution can meet various residual current monitoring & protection request from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


The leading technologies for residual current devices (RCD)  is renowned for its large-scale application in 20+ countries.


Our AC/DC residual current sensors for EV charging have been integrated into products of 120+ EV charger manufacturers worldwide.


In 2022, more than 1.5 million leakage current detection ICs and sensors were delivered in Asia and Europe, ensuring enhanced electrical safety.

Real-time Energy Sensors with flexible installation(2)

Real-time energy sensors with great installation flexibility

With a compact size and versatile communication options, our smart energy sensors can be flexibly installed into both existing and new power distribution boards, perfect for both retrofit and greenfield projects.
realtime measurement

Real time Measurement

Space Saving

easy installation

Easy Installation

smart integration

Smart Integration

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High Performance

Innovative products with world-class performance meeting many challenging application request

Affordable Price

Products with excellent performance-price ratios to facilitate large-scale applications

Trustworthy Quality

Products designed following strict internal standards and outsourced to recognized assembly partners

Reliable Delivery

Well-maintained supply chain with renowned upstream partners in Jiangsu Province and DACH region

Professional Support

An experienced team with industrial expertise to support customers and partners

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