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The Safe & Smart Way
to Engage with Electricity
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Adanvanced Type A / F / EV / B
Residual Current Devices
Backup protective solution for electrical safety
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Versatile Wifi/ ZigBee/ RS-485
Smart Energy Monitor
Flexible installation in the power distribution board
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Bituo Technik is China’s leading technology provider for electrical measurement. Our innovative solution helps solve electrical monitoring and protection challenges brought on by the power electronics applications and energy IoT transition.


A young tech start-up founded in 2018 and positioned as an expert partner specializing in electrical measurement.


DC fault current detection devices following IEC 62955 launched to meet customers’ requests.


More than 1 million leakage current ICs and sensors have been used by 150+ OEMs to make electricity safter till the end of 2021.

Residual Current Monitoring &Protection, and Smart Metering & Monitoring products

Meet Our Business Areas


residual current protection
Ev charging

Residual Current Monitoring & Protection

(Type-A/F ICs, type-EV/B sensors and RCDs)

Our team has proven expertise in designing safe and reliable residual current devices. To make electricity safer, we assist our customers in integrating our type-A/F ICs and type-EV/B sensors- into their power electronics devices and protection products.

Smart Monitoring & Metering

(Smart energy monitors and AC/DC metering modules)

Our compact smart energy monitors with IoT features facilities energy management in buildings, infrastructures, and industries. We develop segment-specific AC/DC metering modules that can be integrated into products and systems as a cost-effective energy metering approach.

Why Choose

      Bituo Technik is founded by a reputable expert team in Shanghai, with a great focus on electrical measurement.
      As a leading technology provider for residual current devices, we have developed type-A/F ICs and type-EV/B sensors, which are widely used by many blue-chip manufacturers in their RCDs, EV chargers and inverters.
      Our compact smart energy monitors with IoT features facilitate energy management in buildings, industries and infrastructures. Segment-specific electrical energy monitoring/metering modules are also provided, which can be easily integrated into your products and systems.

Why choose Bituo

Strong Innovation

Innovative products surpassing technology barriers of size, accuracy, and more

Diverse Application

A comprehensive range of devices optimized for vertical applications, such as EV Charging and PV

Reputable Experts

Prestigious experts formerly served world-class electrical companies

Trustworthy Quality

Products passing strict endurance tests with highly positive feedback from clients

Reliable Supply

Renowned assembly partners same as those blue chip electrical product manufacturers