About Us

With a reputable expert team in Shanghai, our company pioneers in electrical measurement technologies. Our expertise and core values have helped our fast growth to be China’s leading technology provider for residual current detection – accelerating protection upgrading in today’s world full of power electronics equipment. Our next goal is to reshape smart monitoring and metering for energy digitalization.

Our Mission

Most electrical measurement technologies widely used today cannot meet the need for monitoring, protection, and control for the digital energy transition. Thus, our team works relentlessly to bring innovative, reliable, and affordable technologies to meet the needs. Our products – either for OEM integration or directly installed in the power distribution board- help improve electrical safety and manage energy smartly in all branches.

Our Core Experts


Liu, Hualei


15+ years of R&D experience for electrical products and electronic scale; Former head of the electronic design department and project management department at Siemens Low-voltage Product Shanghai R&D Center


Zhou, Gang


20+ years of experience in electrical product R&D; Former Director of Low-voltage Terminal Product R&D Department at Chint; Former lab head at Siemens Shanghai Low-voltage Product R&D Center


Dr. Hang Jianjun


20+ years of R&D experience in the electrical and automation industry; Former senior researcher at Nanjing University of Science & Technology; Founder of Tuzhi Automation specializing in Tobacco manufacturing automation

Designed in Shanghai – Deployed Worldwide


Bituo is headquartered in Shanghai, China. Our customers and partners are across regions and countries using IEC standards. In order to deliver at a high standard for our customers, we have built up a dual supply chain with upstream partners from Jiangsu Province, China, and DACH region, Europe.