Bituo Technik Entered Into The Final Of Shanghai Area In “2022 China Wings Start-Up Competition”

Jul 5, 2022 | Company

On June 28th, our project of “Large-scale applications of advanced current measurement technologies” successfully entered the final of the Shanghai area in “the 2022 China Wings Start-up Competition”. The competition is one of the top start-up competitions in China, and there is fierce competition in the Shanghai area with many strong teams in the hot tracks of microelectronics, medicine, AI and etc.


Picture 1: Award from Songjiang District, Shanghai

Bituo Technik presents its cutting-edge technologies for residual current protection and electrical measurement. The BRCS01 residual current sensors used for mode-3 EV charging piles (mode-3 EVSE) facilitate EV charger manufacturers worldwide to design EV chargers with built-in type-A 30mA (IEC 61008-1) and DC 6mA (IEC 62955) protection. The soon-launched wireless energy sensors – with a size of less than 1/10 of traditional energy meters- caught the eyes of judges from VCs, local government, and industries.


Picture 2: Residual Current Sensors used for AC & DC Protection at Mode-3 EV Charger (Mode-3 EVSE)

“By participating in the ‘2022 China Wings Start-up Competition’, we will let more people know the importance of electrical measurement in today’s world full of power electronics applications.“ said Hualei Liu, CTO of Bituo Technik. “Electrical current sensors play the role of eyes for electrical monitoring, control, and protection. Our products are contributing to electrification and digitization”.



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