Bituo’s Exhibition at Emove 360: Innovations in Electrical Protection and Smart Energy

Oct 31, 2023 | Company, Events

Bituo Technik recently took center stage at the Emove 360 exhibition in Munich, Germany, showcasing an array of cutting-edge products that have sparked considerable interest among industry professionals. This event, held from October 17 to October 19, 2023, served as a platform for Bituo to introduce its innovative solutions to the European audience.

Bituo at Emove 360 2023


Bituo’s residual current protection devices BRCS03X and BRCM01C have quickly gained recognition for their exceptional quality and compatibility. They are playing a crucial role in enhancing the supply chain sustainability for EV Charger clients. Moreover, they reinforce the electrical protection infrastructure for EV charging, ensuring safety and efficiency in an ever-expanding market. The BRCS02C, another remarkable product, stood out with its compact size, a testament to Bituo’s remarkable research and development capabilities.


Emove 360 also marked the European debut of Bituo’s smart energy sensors SPM, a significant milestone since its initial launch. In an era where energy management has become a critical concern due to growing awareness of energy-saving practices, the SPM series has garnered substantial interest. Bituo’s smart energy sensors enable dynamic load balancing and optimization of solar power usage. These capabilities captured the imagination of professionals, who see these products as central monitoring devices in home energy management systems (HEMS). Bituo’s team also actively engaged in insightful discussions with industry experts, exchanging ideas and insights on the applications of smart home devices and energy management using Home Assistant.


In the face of uncertainties and fluctuations in the global market, Bituo remains steadfast in its commitment to contributing to a safe and smart electrification era. Stay tuned for more updates on Bituo’s journey!

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