Top 5 Wireless Protocols Explained: 6 Key Considerations in Smart Home Communication Settings

Unlock the magic of smart homes by delving into the language of wireless protocols. Discover the top 5 – Bluetooth, Wifi, Z-wave, Zigbee, and Thread – and understand the nuances shaping your smart home choices.

Let SPM Empower Your Home: A Guide to Home Assistant and Zigbee2MQTT Configuration

The guide delves into Home Assistant, guiding readers through the configuration of an SPM on this platform. The step-by-step instructions, involving the essential Zigbee2MQTT and two other add-ons, provide a comprehensive understanding of the seamless integration.

Elevating Real-time Electrical Monitoring: The Latest Modbus Version of SPM01/02 Energy Sensors

Bituo Technik expands its product portfolio with the introduction of the Modbus version of SPM01/02 miniature energy sensors. The Modbus version is specifically crafted for existing electrical installations.