Elevating Real-time Electrical Monitoring: The Latest Modbus Version of SPM01/02 Energy Sensors

Dec 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

Bituo Technik expands its product portfolio with the introduction of the Modbus version of SPM01/02 miniature energy sensors. The Modbus version is specifically crafted for existing electrical installations.

The SPM product line is renowned for diverse wireless communication capabilities, and the wired Modbus version shares a common platform with their Wifi/Zigbee/Ble counterparts.

Inherently designed for compactness, the Modbus version caters to installations with limited space in distribution boards, offering a robust solution for real-time electrical monitoring in varied settings.

SPM Modbus Version

SPM Modbus Version


Why is the SPM01/02 Modbus version developed?

The development of the Modbus version of SPM01/02 stems from feedback gathered from system integrators in energy efficiency projects. Despite the forward-looking nature of the wireless communication-equipped SPM01/02, the preference for Modbus in industrial and infrastructure applications is continually witnessed.

Recognized for its stability, reliability, and flexibility, Modbus communication, with its established track record, aligns with the expectations of both end-users and system integrators, who are well acquainted with master-slave communications.

The Modbus version of SPM01/02 serves as a valuable complement, specifically designed to enhance real-time electrical monitoring in energy efficiency projects.


SPM01/02 Modbus version or traditional meters with Modbus communication?

Energy meters are meters with metering certificates or approvals, typically utilized for billing purposes. In contrast, SPM01/02 is positioned as energy sensors tailored for projects emphasizing energy efficiency.

Traditional energy meters with Modbus communication, being larger in size, may pose challenges for integration into sub or final power distribution boards.

Notably, aligning with the standards of IEC 61557-12 and the same as meters, SPM01/02 offers class 1 accuracy alongside greater cost advantages.


Smart address configuration

Hualei Liu, CTO at Bituo Technik, further elaborates a highlight of the Modbus version: “To simplify device address configuration, we employ a broadcasting mechanism to assign the address. The Modbus master initiates address broadcasting within the network. The installer can then press the Reset button on the designated SPM01/02 energy sensor to get access to the same address. This efficient process, designed for devices without displays, ensures a swift assignment of device addresses.”


Specifications of the Modbus version of SPM01/02

  • Poles: 1P+N (SPM01) / 3P+N (SPM02)
  • Rated operating voltage Un:
    -SPM01: 110 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    -SPM02: 380 ~ 415VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Basic current Ib: 10 A
  • Starting current Ist: 50 mA
  • Max current Imax: 63 A
  • Over-voltage category: III
  • Rated insolating voltage Ui: 250V (SPM01) / 440V (SPM02)
  • Energy measurement accuracy class (IEC 61557-12): Class 1.0 (± 1%)
  • Rated operating temperature: -25 ~ 60 ℃
  • Size (Height x Width x Depth):
    -SPM01: 46.8mm x 17.8mm x 21.3mm
    -SPM02: 46.8mm x 53.0mm x 21.3mm

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