New: Bituo further expands its EV RCD portfolio with a new 12V DC-RCM (RDC -MD for Mode-3 EV charging)

Mar 10, 2023 | Company, Features

Three and a half years ago, Bituo launched its first EV RCD product – an RDC-MD consisting of DC6-C1/C2 (230V controller) and DC6-iRCS-32 / BRCS01-DC6-H1 (5V sensor) shortly after the introduction of IEC 62955:2018. The 5V leakage current sensor of BRCS01-DC6-H1 and its brothers/sisters have been used by many EV charger manufacturers in Europe and Asia. They are mainly used for built-in RDC-DD at AC EV chargers that meet the AC/DC residual current protection request defined in IEC 61851-1.

For EV charger manufacturers that are used to 12V interface between AC/DC leakage current sensors and charging controllers, Bituo newly launched RCD-MDs (also named 6mA DC RCM) with 12V interface of BRCM01-DC6-S1 and BRCM01-ADC-S1. As illustrated in the following diagram, BRCM01 consists of two parts – the 5V BRCS01-DC6-L / BRCS01-ADC-L residual current sensor and the 5/12V conversion accessory.


BRCM01 Consisting of BRCS01 and 5V/12V Accessories

Diagram 1: BRCM01 Consisting of BRCS01 and 5V/12V Accessories


Product highlights

· Easy wiring: The hole of 16.2 mm diameter facilitates easy wiring for EV chargers from 3.3 kW to 22 kW.
· Wide power supply: A wide range of 12~24V DC power supply is accepted, with TVS integrated inside for over-voltage protection.
· Firm connection: A special connector with a “hook” design is applied to fasten the cable connecting to the DC RCM.
· High compatibility: BRCM01 can be easily integrated into many existing EV charging controllers without hardware re-design, given that only TRIP-pin sampling needs adding during 120~200 mS of the test cycle. For more details, please refer to page 4 of BRCM01 datasheet.


Diagram 2: BRCM01 Integration Diagram with EV Charging Controller

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