NEW: BRCS-01 AC/DC Fault Current Senor For Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Apr 11, 2021 | Company, Features

Since our TÜV certified DC6-iRCS-32 DC residual current sensor detecting DC fault current sensor in accordance with IEC 62955 characteristics was launched in the spring of 2020, we have received much feedback about the sensor. On one hand, our customers are highly satisfied with the excellent performance of DC6-iRCS-32 to detect DC fault currents accurately and quickly, facilitating EV charger manufacturers with a wide selection of power conversion modules and control devices. On the other hand, some customers suggested we do the following modification to the device.


  • Develop PCB-mounted variants to be used in charging control PCBA flowing main-circuit current through
  • Remove the Din-rail bracket to save space for a compact EV charger
  • Add variants of detecting both AC 30mA and DC 6mA fault current


We value customer feedback for further improvement a lot. In autumn 2021, we started a project of developing a new generation AC/DC fault current sensor (namely BRCS-01), aiming to improve the existing DC6-iRCS-32 based on the feedback received. In order to maximally benefit BRCS-01 from the well-established supply chain we have built for DC6-iRCS-32, our engineers decided to use the same PCBA and coils for BRCS-01 as DC6-iRCS-32. This design feature also helps our customers save testing costs for their EV chargers during changing from DC6-iRCS-32 to BRCS-01.


In spring 2021, BRCS-01 AC/DC residual current sensor was now officially launched. The device can be used by EV charger manufacturers to build an AC EV charger meeting residual current requests defined in IEC61851-1 and IEC62752. ( see configuration 1 on our application introduction page)



BRCS-01 benefits EV charger manufacturers at least as following


  • Cost-effective: Significant cost saving for mode-3 EV chargers to build EV chargers that provide insufficient residual current protection requested by IEC61851-1
  • Flexible installation: three installation variants of PCB laying-down mounting, PCB standing mounting, and hanging-around-cables available, fitting into all EV charger housing or charging controllers easily
  • Wide adaptability: The fault current detection performance is well beyond the standard request defined in IEC 62955 (DC 6mA), IEC62752 (AC 30mA and DC 6mA), and IEC60947-2 (AC 30mA), facilitating a broad selection of power supply modules, relays, and contactors
  • Premium quality: The products were designed by a team of China’s reputable RCD experts with a track record of developing world-class RCDs, and the supply chain was carefully designed to keep consistent performances benchmarked to those European blue-chip manufacturers


For more information about the BRCS-01 AC/DC fault current sensor founded here

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