Product Highlights

Reduced system cost

The IC - consisting of an HV block, full wave A type detector, timers and SCR output driver- greatly improves efficiency and reduces the system cost of a type-A RCD.

Improved surge and noise immunity

Improved performance against unwanted tripping by lighting surge and inverter noise (reducing nuisance tripping)

Wide operation temperature range

Recommended operating ambient temperature of -25~100 ℃ and extreme operating ambient temperature of -40~105 ℃

Build-in delay time function

An external capacitor can be used to set the delay time - easing selective RCD design (S type RCD)

Optional over-voltage protection

Optional over-voltage protection variant guaranteeing system survival at extreme conditions and simplifying designing RCD with OV protection

4601 (Type A)

G4601 is a high-speed and high-accuracy earth leakage current detector IC for full wave A-type earth leakage current detection. Its main applications include earth leakage circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit relays and industrial equipment.

Main Features

  • Suitable applications: Type-A RCD; GFCI
  • Suitable systems: 110V/230V, 50/60Hz
  • Operating supply voltage: 20~500 V
  • Operating Temperature: -25~100 ℃
  • RCD Selectivity (Time delay setting): adjustable at LTC PIN
  • Tripping time: adjustable at TTC PIN
  • Input sensitivity: VT = 6.1mV Typ.
  • Over-voltage protection: Optional
  • Thermal shutdown: 150 ℃
  • Package: SOP14

Data Sheet