Product Highlights

Cost-effective type-F system

The IC offers a cost-effective solution for type-F RCD - making type-F RCD costs almost as much as type-A RCD

High surge immunity

Built-in monopulse absorption to meet the special requirements of surge current immunity for type-F RCD (mitigating nuisance tripping)

Optional over-voltage protection

Optional over-voltage protection variant guaranteeing system survival at extreme conditions and simplifying RCD design with integrated OV protection

Wide Operation temperature range

A wide operating temperature ranges from -25 to 100 ℃ meeting the requirement of most domestic and industrial applications

4603 (Type F)

G4603 is designed for use in type F residual current devices (Type F RCDs*). With the right integration of G4603, electrical product manufacturers can reduce the overall cost of their voltage-dependent type F RCDs almost to the level of voltage-dependent type A RCDs – meanwhile providing safer protection and reducing nuisance tripping for the users.


Main Features

  • Suitable applications: Type-F RCD (IEC 62423)
  • Suitable systems: 230V, 50Hz
  • Operating supply voltage: 20~500 V
  • Operating Temperature: -25~100 ℃
  • Over-voltage protection: Optional
  • Thermal shutdown: 150 ℃
  • Package: SOP14

* Type F RCDs are designed to provide protection against residual fault currents comprising of composite frequencies, which can be brought frequency-controlled single-phase equipment and appliances- such as a washing machine that is frequency controlled, some class 1 power tools, some air conditioners using variable frequency speed drives. Moreover, Type F RCDs have a higher level of immunity to surge currents and noise than Type A RCDs, which can reduce the happening times of unwanted tripping (nuisance tripping)

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