Product Highlights

Quick integration

Two integration schemes into EV charger - Pin-2-Pin compatible to popular integration schemes used in UK and the continental countries

Easy installation

16.2 mm large diameter for easy wiring of both 1P+N and 3P+N charging system from 3.3 kw ~ 22 kW.

Wide power supply range

High-performance LDO in the 12V/5V conversion module allowing 12~24VDC power supply

Firm connection

Special connector with a "hook" structure to fasten the cable connecting to the DC RCM, so as to mitigate the risk of loosend conditions

Improved performance

The 12V/5V conversion module is specifically designed, so as to help RDC-MD achieve a high level EMC performance

BRCM01 (RDC-MD, 12V)

BRCM01 is a residual direct current monitoring device (RDC-MD) designed in accordance with IEC 62955. It can monitor the charging current supply to electric vehicle and disconnect or trigger a disconnection if a smooth DC residual current of more than 6 mA.

The product with both AC and DC detection can be seen as a combined type-A mRCD compliant to IEC 60947-2-(M) and RDC-MD compliant to IEC 62955.

Main Features

  • Product Standard: IEC 62955; IEC 62752
  • Rated Residual Operating Current (IΔn): 6mA DC / 30mA AC
  • Rated Non-operating Residual Current (IΔno): 3mA DC / 15mA AC
  • Supply Voltage: 12~24VDC
  • Rated current in monitoring circuit: ≤ 32A (1P+N / 3P+N)
  • Diameter cable gland of residual current sensor: 16mm (Max. 3P+N 32A)
  • Rated operating temperature: -25~85 ℃*

* Note: Customer-speficied -40~85 ℃ variants can be provided if customers anticipate very cold conditions lower than -25 ℃ inside EVSE or IC-CPD enclosure.

Data Sheet