Product Highlights

Wide installation variants

Standing-on-PCB, Laying-on-PCB and Hanging-around-main-cable variants are available to meet various kinds of customer request

High-speed detection

Very fast residual current detection- such as a response time of 150 mA AC residual current less than 20 ms - facilitates a broad selection of switching relays and contactors

Easy intergration

4 Pin interface of Vcc, GND, Test and Trip facilitating quick integration into EV charging controller, so as to design built-in RDC-DD at EV chargers

Proven track records

Globally the first residual current sensor certified by TÜV Rheinland compliant with IEC 62955, and tracked large-scale applications in Asia and Europe

BRCS01 (Type EV, 5V)

The BRCS01 residual current sensor is a high-sensitivity AC and/or DC residual current sensor (also named leakage current sensor) with digital output of fault detection and integrated self-testing functions. The sensor can be used to build an IEC62955 Residual Direct Current - Detecting Device (RDC-DD) together with EV charging controller and switching devices inside EV chargers, which can meet AC/DC residual current protection request defined in IEC 61851-1 & IEC 60364-7-722.

Main Features

  • Relevant Product Standard: IEC 62955, IEC 62752
  • Diameter cable gland of residual current sensor: 16mm
  • Rated Residual Operating Current (IΔn) : 6mA DC (solely DC variant); 6mA DC / 30mA AC
  • Rated Non-operating Residual Current (IΔno): 3mA DC (solely DC variant); 3mA DC / 15mA AC
  • DC Supply Voltage (Vcc): 5V DC ± 3%
  • Rated current in monitoring circuit: ≤ 32A (1P+N / 3P + N)
  • PIN Description: Vcc, GND, Test, Trip
  • Rated operating temperature: -25~85 ℃*

* Note: Customer-specified -40~85 ℃ variants can be provided, if customers anticipate very cold conditions lower than -25 ℃ inside EV charger enclosure.

Data Sheet