Product Highlights

Small size

small volume and footprint - thanks to the double-deck arrangement of CT and CT - for integration into compact IC-CPD and EV charger up to 7kW

Easy intergration

6 Pin interface of S1, Vcc, GND, Test, Trip and S2 faciliating quick integration into Mode-2/3 EVSE for the residual current protection requested by IEC 62955 and IEC 62752

High reliability

Robust mechanical and electrical design suitable for harsh environmental conditions - such as humid air and on-board vibaration

BRCS02 (Type EV, 5V, 2-in-1)

The BRCS-02 is a two-in-one sensor detecting residual current and measuring charging current. It can be used in 3.5kW / 7kW mode-3 EVSE compliant to IEC 61851-1 and In-Cable Control and Protection Device (IC-CPD) acc. to IEC/EN 62752 for the purpose of AC 30mA and DC 6mA residual current detection (AD & DC leakage current detection)


Main Features

  • Relevant Product Standard: IEC 62955, IEC 62752
  • Rated Residual Operating Current (IΔn) : 6mA DC / 30mA AC
  • Rated Non-operating Residual Current (IΔno): 3mA DC / 15mA AC
  • DC Supply Voltage (Vcc): 5V DC ± 3%
  • Rated current in monitoring circuit: ≤ 32A (1P+N)
  • PIN Description: S1, Vcc, GND, Test, Trip and S2
  • Tolerance of current transformer: 1%
  • Rated operating temperature: -25~85 ℃*

* Note: Customer-speficied -40~85 ℃ variants can be provided, if customers anticipates very cold conditions lower than -25 ℃ inside EVSE or IC-CPD enclosure.



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