Product Highlights

PCB-mount compatibility

Facilitate EV charger manufacturers to secure their supply chain without maintaining two versions of charging controller PCB for integration of the 5V sensors

Flexible-installed compatibility

A Hanging-around-main-cable (flexible) variant with a 12V interface is available for EV chargers that are used to AC/DC RCM powered by a 12V DC system

Excellent performance

Optimized closed-loop fluxgate technology specifically for EV charging based on the experiences of the BRCS01/02 large-scale applications in the past years

High reliability

Robust mechanical and electrical design suitable for harsh environmental conditions - such as humid air, on-board vibration and challenging EMC conditions.

BRCS03X (Type EV, 5V/12V)

The BRCS03 residual current sensor is an AC/DC residual current sensor with two separate fault signal outputs – one Pin for Type A 30 mA & DC 6 mA leakage current detection and the other Pin for solely DC 6 mA leakage current detection. It can be used for built-in RCD / RDC-DD at AC charging stations to meet IEC 61851-1 & IEC 60364-7-722.

Main Features


  • Pin 1: –
  • Pin 2: Test
  • Pin 3: DC fault
  • Pin 4: AC & DC fault
  • Pin 5: GND
  • Pin 6: 5V DC
* Pin 7 (PWM-OUT) and Pin 8 (N.C.) – being not necessary for AC EV charging applications – are not included in the BRCS03X design. However, it won’t influence the compatible integration on the EV charger side. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an Email to

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