Product Highlights

Double-channel monitoring

Two-channel monitoring design perfectly fitting for AC 2 * 22kW public or commercial EV charging stations

Independent power supply

Independent power supply from 230V AC main circuit instead of EV charging controller and capability of driving two modular contactors

Saved type-test cost

Independent working from EV charing controller and direct drive to DIN rail modular contacts saves large amount of type test cost

Easy wiring

16.2mm aperture at the sensor catering for 32A 3P+N cable through


The DC6 RDC-MD – a residual current monitor of DC fault current above 6 mA for Mode-3 EV charging – facilities AC EV chargers to meet the residual current protection request defined in IEC 61851-1 & IEC 60364-7-72, when the device is used together with Type-A RCD. It was globally the first Residual Direct Current – Monitoring Devices certified by TÜV Rheinland in 2019 winter.

The DC6 RDC-MD contains two separated modules with detection module (DC6-iRCS-32 or BRCS-01) and monitoring module (DC6-C1/C2). Residual direct current detection of the charging station takes place via the externally connected detection module. When the residual direct current in the charging station is more than the defined threshold value, the detection module will send the digital trip signal to the monitoring module to switch the relay and active the alarm indication.

Main Features

  • Relevant Product Standard: IEC 62955
  • Rated Residual Operating Current (IΔn) : 6mA DC
  • Rated Non-operating Residual Current (IΔno): 3mA DC
  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC
  • Rated current in monitoring circuit: ≤ 32A (1P+N / 3P+N)
  • Monitoring channels: × 2
  • Diameter cable gland of residual current sensor: 16mm (Max. 3P+N 32A)
  • Rated operating temperature: -25~85 ℃*

* Note: Customer-speficied -40~85 ℃ variants can be provided, if customers anticipates very cold conditions lower than -25 ℃ inside EVSE or IC-CPD enclosure.

Data Sheet