Residual Current Monitoring & Protection

Electrical Protection in Digital Energy Era

With increaseing use of power electronics equipment, the traditioal Type AC reisidual current devices can not provide sufficient protection against electrical shock and fire. Bituo offers adanvanced Type A / F / EV / B technologies that can be integrated into your products and systems, so as to make electricity safter with our customers and partners.

< 5%

The total market share of Type A, F, EV and B RCDs is less than five percent in Asia, Latin America and Afria – exposing large safety gap at home

< 30%

Less than 30% of Mode-2 / 3 EV chargers worldwide have proper DC fault current protection compliant to IEC 62955 and UL 2231.


Worldwide at least 6,000 electrical accidents – such as shock and fires- should not have happened, if the right RCDs are well deployed.
*Notes: the above number was estimated based on the data collected from third-party reports and articles for the year of 2021.

Integrating Our Technologies into

Electrical Protection Device

We provide world-class electronic parts of RCDs and segment-specified RCD solutions for professional electrical product manufacturers

Power Electronics Equipment

Our offer of type EV / B sensors based on advanced fluxgate technologies helps OEMs to deliver a high-standard safety economically

Electric Home Appliances

We work closely with electric home appliances manufacturers to implement backup protective measures in IEC markets

Typical Solution for Residual Current Monitoring & Protection

OEM Category Type AC Type A Type F Type EV Type B
Electrical Protection Device RCCB / RCBO IC / Sensor Board IC / Sensor Board Sensor Board Sensor Board
RC-Units IC / Sensor Board IC / Sensor Board Sensor Board / ODM Sensor Board / ODM
RCM / mRCD Sensor Board Sensor Board Sensor Board / ODM Sensor Board / ODM
PRCD / GFCI* Sensor Board Sensor Board
Power Electronics Equipment EV Charger Sensor Sensor
PV Inverter Sensor Sensor
Variable frequency Drives Sensor Sensor
*We advocate the use of type A and F Portable RCD (PRCD) for home appliances with frequency control