Showcasing Innovation: Bituo Technik’s Journey at Build4Asia 2023 Exhibition

May 19, 2023 | Company

From May 10th to May 12th, Bituo Technik actively participated in the prestigious Build4Asia 2023 exhibition held in Hong Kong. As a leading showcase for the building, electrical engineering, and security industries, the event provided an ideal platform for us to showcase our latest electrical measurement technologies, particularly in the area of smart energy monitors.

         Build4Asia2023-Bituo Smart Energy Sensors     Build4Asia2023 Bituo Booth2

Throughout the three-day event, our booth attracted a diverse audience of professionals and industry experts. We captivated attendees with live demonstrations of our cutting-edge electrical measurement technologies, highlighting their practical applications and innovative features. Visitors were impressed by the performance and ease of installation of our SPM smart energy monitors, which received high praise from our long-term partners in Hong Kong.

         Build4Asia2023 Bituo Booth     Build4Asia2023-Bituo product introduction

The exhibition provided an excellent opportunity for our team to engage in insightful conversations with professionals. We exchanged knowledge and ideas about related technologies, discussed innovative applications, and shared industry trends. These interactions not only enhanced our understanding of Hong Kong’s construction sector but also shed light on the region’s stringent regulations, making us better equipped to navigate the market.

During the event, two of our long-term partners in Hong Kong paid us a visit and expressed their satisfaction with our products. They particularly commended the convenience and efficiency brought by the easy installation process of our SPM smart energy monitors. The positive feedback and success stories shared by our customers, including one major local real estate company, further validated the immense potential of the Hong Kong market for our products.

As the exhibition concluded, we leave Build4Asia 2023 with a stronger sense of confidence in the future. The enthusiastic reception of our products and the acknowledgement of their effectiveness in meeting industry needs have bolstered our determination to expand our presence in Hong Kong. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and remain committed to providing innovative solutions that address the unique challenges of the local market.


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