Smart Metering & Monitoring

Advancing energy IoT with innovative PMDs

Power metering and monitoring devices (PMD)
with great installation flexibility

Electrical monitoring at the sub / final distribution system is often limited by the space left at the existing distribution boards to install additional monitoring devices. The solution is to install add-on smart energy sensors directly above or below circuit breakers or to use smart circuit breakers/switches integrated with metering and monitoring functions.

In winter 2022, Bituo Technik launched the SPM01/02, an ultra-compact intelligent energy sensor with an active energy measurement accuracy of 1%. With its compact form factor and extensive wired and wireless communication options, system integrators and installers can effortlessly integrate real-time electrical monitoring capabilities into existing distribution boards. For the energy IoT transition, We will bring more innovative PMDs to the market.

SPM01 & SPM02


Add-on features requiring no Din rail space

Easy communication setup can be done within 30 seconds
High-precision energy measurement within 1% tolerance
OTA enabling function and feature expansions

The smallest energy monitors/meters perfectly fitting for home and small business


Thanks to its compact size and versatile communication types, SPM01/02 can be installed in both existing and new distribution boards to provide real-time energy monitoring for home energy management systems, building management systems or facility management systems.
Product Model: SPM01 / 02
Poles: 1P+N / 3P+N
Rated voltage Un:
~ 110-240 V (1P+N) / ~ 208-415 V (3P+N)
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Communication type: Zigbee | Wifi | Modbus
Max monitoring current Imax
: 63 A
Over-voltage category: III
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 4kV
Energy measurement accuracy: 1%


Versatile communication options
significantly facilitating system integration

All our PMD product lines are designed to provide different communication options – Wifi, Zigbee, Modbus etc. Our patented platform enables our customers to seamlessly integrate our products into their respective cloud platforms and gateways.

Wifi + Ble (With ESP-32 SoC)

Zigbee (With EFR32MG21 SoC)

Modbus RTU (with isolated RS485 IC)

More communication options can be provided upon customer-specific requests.

The “MUST-installed” product for Home Energy Management Systems

Our PMDs can provide real-time electrical data for home energy management systems. SPM01/02 energy sensors can be installed at existing sub-power distribution boards and final distribution boards (consumer units) requiring no space at the DIN rail. The typical applications for our smart energy sensors include:


  • Whole-home energy monitoring
  • Solar power generation monitoring
  • Optimized solar power export to Grid
  • Dynamic load balancing with EV charger
  • Electrical safety improvement