Smart Metering & Monitoring

Ingenuity For Energy IoT

Digitalization at final distribution system face many challenges. E.g. There are limit space left at distribution boards to install additional monitoring devices, and a large number of circuit branches needs to be wired and configurated for communication.

The concept of add-on smart energy sensor installed directly above or bellow circuit breakers can overcome these challenges. In 2022 winter, Bituo started rolling out smart energy sensors that fit for large-scale application worldwide. Importantly, we are open for ODM collaboration, so as to accelerate energy IoT transition.

Smart metering and monitoring
Our energy sensors require no space at the DIN rail
Easy communication setup can be done within 30 seconds
High-precision energy measurement within 1% tolerance
OTA enabling function and feature expansions
*Notes: the above number was estimated based on the data collected from third-party reports and articles for the year of 2021.

Smart Solution For Metering and Monitoring

Smart Metering and Monitoring

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