Upgrade Your EV Charging System Confirming To IEC61851-1:2017 With DC6 Series Of RDC-MD

Jan 16, 2020 | Features

According to IEC61851-1: 2017 (Electric vehicle conductive charging system – part 1 general requirement, section 8.5), the appropriate measures shall be

  • Option 1: RCD Type B
  • Option 2: RCD Type A and appropriate equipment that ensures disconnection of the supply in case of DC fault current above 6mA

If the DC protection equipment is designed in the right way, the second option has at least the bellowing advantages compared to the first option

  • A cost-effective measure in general
  • Detecting the insulation fault of the Power Factor Corrector(PFC) explicitly ensures high safety for EV passengers
  • Operational cost saving via adding smart communication features
  • High reliability in a challenging environment

However, the product standard of residual direct current protection devices has been missing till 2018. Thanks to the newly published IEC62955:2018 (Residual direct current detecting device ((RDC-DD)) to be used for mode 3 charging of electric vehicles), the design and testing of an RDC protection device shall follow the specification defined in the standard. The IEC62955:2018 is like a fine-calibrated ruler to check a DC fault current protection/monitoring device above 6mA, which fundamentally raises the bar of human protection in the EV charging infrastructure.

Bituo offers an optimal solution complying with Option 2 as bellows

  • The customers select Type A RCBO/RCCB on their own, such as from ABB and Siemens
  • The customers select the Detection Module (iRCS or BRCS-01) of the RDC-MD from us or select the complete RDC-MD set including the Detection Module and Monitoring Module from us, which ensures disconnection of the supply in the occur of DC fault current above 6mA

Our solution is carefully designed with advantages of safety, cost, and reliability. Also, we select only supply chain partners that have a good reputation for quality management, to keep our promise of premium quality for the global market.

Importantly, both our monitoring module (DC6-C1/C2) and detection module (iRCS-32, BRCS-01) are certified by TÜV Rheinland for their excellent performance of handling residual direct current

Customer Benefits

  • Upgrade the EV AC charging system to comply with the latest IEC standards
  • Increase EV charging safety with the support of our high-quality products certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Significant cost savings with a combination of our products and blue-chip Type A RCD
  • Operational convenience added via remote test and reset features

Product Highlights 

  • Globally the first RDC-DD certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Detecting the DC residual current explicitly with complete separation of AC residual current
  • Fast response time facilitates the broad selection of main-circuit switching devices
  • Testing can be easily conducted before every charging circle
  • Detecting the connection status of sensor cables  to remove installation risk
  • Remote resetting available saves on-site service operation

For more information about our DC6 series of RDC-DD founded here

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